Coaching for Financial Advisors

At What’s Next 4 Financial Advisors, we are in the business of helping financial advisors get to the next level. We provide a balance of coaching and consulting to help financial advisors create the right strategic plan and follow through.

As experienced financial advisors and practice development experts, we have walked in your shoes, and we know what you are up against. Our What’s Next Tailored Solutions System (WNTSS) can provide you with a strategic road map to grow your financial practice, the marketing expertise to grow sales, and the team accountability to ensure everyone follows through.

Financial Practice Scorecard

Are you ready to uncover critical insights into what’s working and not working in your financial advisory practice? Complete the financial scorecard below and discover those insights and ideas that can change your game.

Evaluate Your Practice

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Defining your vision and clearly sharing your mission with your team and target audiences is key to making your dreams a reality.

Staffing & Compensation

Getting the right people, doing the right jobs for the right compensation is every business owners dream.


Coordinating staff, technology and processes as efficiently as possible is the surest way to impact your capabilities and capacity.

Financial Management

Running your business like a business – focusing on both revenue and the right type and level of investment in your business is what we do.


While everyone may not be able to define the ideal culture, they can certainly spot a caustic, unproductive one.

Leadership Development

Developing your leadership skills and those skills in others in your organization will help to ensure its continued success.

Client Acquisition

Our marketing team partners can help you grow sales and profits by acquiring the right kind of clients for your practice.

Branding & Marketing

Our marketing team partners can build or refresh your brand to help you attract, persuade, convert, and retain the right clients.

Succession Planning

Finding, developing and transitioning your business to the right successor(s) requires a plan.

Client Love

Here is what other clients and friends are saying about us. We have helped them to achieve success as they define it and we can do the same for you.

“Bill knows how to connect with clients.  He refers to them as friends.  As a friend he’s never been hesitant to tell me when he’s proud of my efforts or when I need to get my head out of my a**. ”

Allentown, PA

“Bill is a catalyst for looking at the finer points of taking a good business and turning it into a great firm.  Not only has he been vital to our development, but key to looking forward to future opportunities. ”

Dallas, TX

“The team at What’s Next has walked in my shoes. Their personal experience and understanding of the challenges we face as practitioners and business owners makes them uniquely qualified to help us get to the next level.”

Warwick, RI

“Focus. Preparation. Execution.  Three words that can be found in Bill’s personal mantra. For Bill, those three words are not just a tagline, but a way of life. He’s committed to the success of everyone.”

Easton, PA

“Ben Mossman and the entire team at What’s Next 4 Financial Advisors, have been instrumental in creating the organizational foundation that has allowed me to grow my practice to levels that I never thought possible. My drive has always been assisting my clients navigate and reach their personal financial goals. With  Ben’s coaching, the fundamentals that are essential in creating an efficient practice are now in place.”


Ready to Grow Your Business?

No matter where you are in the development of your business from wildly successful to incredibly frustrated, we are here to help you identify and implement What’s Next.

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