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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to look through these FAQs to get answers to some of your questions. Then let’s get on a call and talk about creating a new beginning for your financial practice.

Are there any other benefits associated with working with What’s Next?2024-04-23T20:30:25+00:00
  • We provide the opportunity to use our advanced planning and tracking tools to all of our Advisors
  • We provide monthly calls for our Advisors to share ideas with one another
  • We are happy to help our clients develop smaller, focused support groups
  • Because we work with Advisors across multiple platforms and affiliation models we’re able to be a conduit of industry best practices
  • We provide access to our business partners who can provide support in a variety of areas including:
    • Understanding and more fully utilizing your client relationship management (CRM) software
    • Updating branding, marketing, advertising, and client acquisition efforts
    • Assisting with financing book acquisitions, mergers, and expansion effort
Will you also work with my team members?2022-02-27T16:41:53+00:00
  • We are happy to work with your staff. We consider doing so an important aspect of achieving your overall objectives
  • We are also happy to interact with other key stakeholders associated with your organization
What’s the process for getting started?2024-04-23T20:27:51+00:00
  • We start off with an “engagement conversation” designed to understand clearly where you’re at and what you want to achieve
  • We then hold “discovery conversations” with you and each of your team members, designed to get the full picture of your situation
  • We agree on the top two or three objectives and then set in place a roadmap to achieve each of them
How will we measure success?2022-02-22T18:26:32+00:00
  • We establish clearly defined goals
  • We have tools that allow us to track virtually all aspects of production, expense and net revenue
  • We regularly provide and ask for feedback
  • We’re not afraid of accountability – in either direction
Why should I work with What’s Next?2024-04-23T20:26:40+00:00
  • Over 75 years of experience as Advisors and working with them as Practice Development Specialists
  • We meet you where you are and tailor solutions to your individual situation. While we have a process, we don’t have a program. It’s not our intent to pour everyone into a funnel and have them all come out looking the same.
  • A true passion for helping Advisors, improve grow and succeed
  • Other than you and your closest family members and staff, no one will care more about your success
  • The ability to interact with and share ideas with Advisors from a wide variety of backgrounds and affiliation models
  • We emphasize practice over theory and results
  • A variety of skill sets and capabilities
  • Proven success

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