Advisor Succession Optimization Program (ASOP)

If you’re a financial advisor looking to sell your practice, our Advisor Succession Optimization Program (ASOP) provides the support you need to maximize your return. Our program provides comprehensive support throughout the entire sales process.

ASOP starts by analyzing your broker/dealer reporting and analysis to gather key information about your practice. If you need a formal valuation, we’ll assist in preparing all the necessary information. We focus on value maximization, helping you to identify areas to increase your practice’s worth. We’ll even help you track metrics that can move valuation up.

Additionally, we’ll work with you to identify the ideal buyer profile and facilitate introductions to potential buyers. Our team will assist by sharing transition best practices and sample client communication plans, helping to ensuring a smooth and successful handover.

With ASOP, you can trust that you’ll achieve the best possible outcome for your practice sale.

  1. Book Analysis
    • Assist with broker/dealer reporting to gather and analyze key information.
    • Report Cleanup where necessary for efficiency.
    • Assist in preparing information needed for a formal valuation (if necessary.
  2. Value Maximization
    • Identify immediate areas where valuation could be improved.
    • Help implement strategies where necessary.
    • Assist in tracking metrics that can move valuation up.
  3. Buyer Sourcing
    • Perform “Ideal Buyer” profile with you to hone in on what we’re looking for (age, location, type of practice, infrastructure, etc.)
    • Facilitate introductions and assist with conversations.
    • Assist with transition best practices and client communication plan, if necessary.

Advisor Succession Optimization Program

  • $3,000
  • If we successfully source a buyer for your business, we charge a 5% finder’s fee which is paid for by the buyer.


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