Marketing and Client Acquisition Plan Development


Who doesn’t want more and better clients? Through a professional, thorough approach to marketing and client acquisition, you can drive opportunities that will help take your business to higher possibilities of success. The program consists of five modules.

1. What is the current state of your marketing client acquisition efforts?

Do you have a distinct and powerful brand?

2. Who are you currently marketing to? How are you doing it? Do you track your efforts and their results?

3. Establish the overall objectives of your plan.

With whom do you wish to work?

How would you like to go about reaching them?

4. What do you need to add, subtract, start, stop, or change to be able to execute on your marketing plan?

5. Plan, calendarize and delegate specific marketing activities.

Modules range 1-1.5 hours in length. The price includes additional follow up, in-between sessions. Ongoing marketing support can be arranged for an additional fee.

Marketing and Client Acquisition Plan Development Program – $2250

“Bill, Tate and Ben understand the need to build a marketing plan that actually focuses on client acquisition. They did a great job of helping to augment the marketing I was currently doing, helped me increase the level of advocacy demonstrated by my clients and helped me to identify, refine and build a niche/target marketing plan. Their process made it easy for me and my team to understand and implement the concepts.”

-Financial Advisor, Grand Rapids, MI


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