Firm Development Meetings

Are you tired of a two steps forward, one step back approach to the development of your business? Conducting a Firm Development Meeting, provides the level of focus, preparation, and intention necessary to make dramatic improvements in your business. The sessions also provide for tremendous team building opportunities. The program consists of three modules.

1. Focus on the important topics that are key to the organization’s advancement.

Solicit from team members, topics for discussion.

2. Prepare for excellent presentations/conversations.

We will provide guidance and support to the presenter.

We will also present on topics within our areas of expertise.

3. Hold a productive, impactful and fun meeting.

We will moderate the proceedings and help to coordinate the appropriate follow up and follow through.

Ongoing support can be arranged for an additional fee.

Firm Development Meetings – Price dependent on the scope of the meeting.

These meetings can be conducted virtually or in person. For in person meetings, we charge a minimum $1500 for travel expenses

“Firm development is how we take a step back as a team and evaluate what worked in the current year and to purposefully prepare for what’s next. We devote time to identifying systems or processes to improve the client experience, our focus on driving revenue, and how we can maximize internal productivity. For years, we have relied on Bill and What’s Next to guide us through the design, delivery and follow up of these sessions.”

-Financial Advisor, Coplay. PA


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