Business Plan Development


There’s an old saying. “Everybody ends up somewhere.” The question is, is where you’ll end up, where you want to be when it comes to the success of your business? Taking a professional approach, planning for the next phase of your business’s development will yield valuable results. The program consists of four modules. 

1. Debrief the prior year’s efforts and results.

             Where did you win, where did you lose and by how much?

2. Identify the coming year’s activities and objectives 

           What goals do you want to hit and how?

3. What do you need to add, subtract, start, stop or change in your business to be able to execute on those activities?

         Is your business currently capable of doing what you need done?

4. Plan, calendarize and delegate specific activities.

Modules range 1-1.5 hours in length. The price includes additional follow up, in-between sessions. Ongoing support can be arranged for an additional fee.

Business Plan Development Program – $1800

Since working with Tate and his team many years ago, we transitioned our firm from passive growth to intentional active growth.  Tate worked with us to inspire an aggressive and achievable five year strategic plan and the business and marketing plans to support each year’s goals.  Tate facilitates our annual planning retreat using the excellent planning strategies he brings to the table.  We have been highly satisfied with Tate over the last decade and we have already asked his firm to be there for our next retreat for 2024 planning.  In summary, we are indebted to Tate and his team for walking alongside our efforts and vision to create client experiences that transform lives!

Thanks Tate, for all you do!

-Financial Advisor, Washington


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