Advocacy Development

Folks ask us regularly, if we can give to them a sure-fire process for getting more referrals. We can. But, we always wonder why they aim so low. Referrals are great but typically only received when asked for. Developing a strong sense of advocacy in the minds of your clients, yields numerous and ongoing opportunities. There are four mile markers on the path to advocacy. As a result, this program consists of four modules.

1. Onboard clients properly. 

             Provide an experience both memorable and valuable. 

2. Hold the “Attitude Towards Referrals” conversation. 

            How do they feel about providing referrals? 

            What will it take them to feel comfortable providing referrals to you?

3. Care for clients properly. 

           Understand how they want to be treated. 

4. Treat them to additional memorable and valuable experiences.

Modules range 1-1.5 hours in length. The price includes additional follow up, in-between sessions. Ongoing support can be arranged for an additional fee.

Advocacy Development Program – $1800

“I never really understood the difference between just asking clients for referrals (which I forgot to do regularly) and the power of creating a strong sense of advocacy in the minds of my clients. I now receive warm introductions regularly from a large number of my top clients.

Thanks guys!”

- Financial Advisor , Narragansett, RI


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