Benjamin Mossman

Founder & Partner

 “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you needed it.”

Benjamin Mossman
Benjamin MossmanFounder & Partner

The truth is, much of what Ben Mossman has learned about the business of being a financial advisor and business owner was learned the hard way, experience gained after the fact. Failure is a great teaching tool if you allow it to be and Ben has always tried to learn from his experiences. Ben believes that in order to truly articulate “What’s Next”, you must be honest about where you’ve been, what you’ve learned from your experiences and where you stand now.

Ben has spent the last 11 years following this process of discovery with his clients, both as financial advisor and coach. There is no singular path to the relative endpoint of “success” (however you define it). Ben believes that the process in articulating what you want is as important as achieving it.

Alright, enough of the quotes taken from an office poster with a misty mountain in the foreground. “Only 11 years? I can see your picture. What happened to the rest, Ben?” Experience gained after the fact…

Ben attended the University of Colorado and graduated in 2001 with a degree in Environmental Design. This is a degree that the rest of world would call, “Architecture”. If you have ever been to Boulder, Colorado, you might understand why the University would choose to make this so confusing. A bright-eyed kid from the suburbs of Englewood, Colorado, Ben had visions of being the next Frank Lloyd Wright. What he learned over the next 9 years in this trade is that it had more to do with budgets than art. Frustrated and disillusioned, Ben took an interview with a relatively unknown broker out of the mid-west, Waddell & Reed. Never shying away from a well-researched, calculated, safety-net ridden challenge (quickly learning that this industry had no safety nets), he abandoned his trade to start a financial advisory practice from scratch. After years of running a successful advisory business, Ben learned that he had a greater passion for helping other financial advisors reach their ideas of success. After years of training, mentoring and working alongside other business owners, Ben decided to sell his advisory practice and focus on coaching. Ben has been fortunate enough to learn not only from his own experiences but from some of the best leaders and advisors in the industry. As a coach, Ben has guided advisors starting out from zero, those developing into formidable businesses and alongside those that are the top producers in their firms. There are lessons to be learned from them all.

Ben is known for listening attentively, coaching thoughtfully and holding all parties accountable to their promises to one another. “Ben is always there to listen, will go above and beyond to help and genuinely cares about me and my business. I never feel like it’s about any agenda but what is in my best interests.” Much like the great Steven Wright (but not NEARLY as successfully), Ben knows there is always room for levity. He loves what he does and has fun doing it.

Ben currently resides in Parker, Colorado with his wife, Kris, two sons, Alex and Kaden, one daughter, Zoey and one German Shorthaired Pointer, Otis. He enjoys drumming, writing music, celebrating great whisky and being made fun of mercilessly by his loving family. In fairness to them, he makes it easy.